OWL TECH:   Online While Learning



Anyone interested in enrolling their child in OWL TECH should contact  their building principal.  The building principal will determine if your child qualifies for OWL TECH.   If outside of the SCSC district,  a transfer form must  be submitted to Mrs. Hernandez at the Administration office, 812-522-3340.  For information regarding the application process, contact our offices at 812-523-6181.


OWL TECH, is a distance learning option for those students in grades 5-12 who wish to continue their education full-time through alternative learning environments. It provides an option for those students who seek a virtual alternative to face-to-face instruction due to a variety of circumstances.

OWL TECH provides access to course content and interaction with certified SCSC teachers. OWL TECH provides a learning model that reflects the District’s commitment to providing students with high-quality instructional experiences and to meeting the needs of students and their families.